Monday, October 25, 2010


Dear Diary:

I don't like to be scared.  I don't like to be shocked.  And I don't like to be frightened. That's why I don't go to horror movies.  The bloody champagne fountains, the headless bodies, and the figures being tortured in the rack always make my stomach flip-flop.  So Hallowe'en is not my favourite time of year.  But I do love all the candy and I do like to dress up.

Some of the best costumes I've seen are ones that people put together themselves.  I'm not very creative so I tend to buy one from a store and there are a lot of great places in this world to buy costumes.
Here is one I really love.  It exemplifies the Roarin' 20's exactly.  The dress with all the beading, one necklace and silk stockings come with the outfit.  I also bought the hair and head piece (which is colour changing).  I added a few pieces myself but not much was needed to make this a great costume.
This is a very sexy "Catwoman" costume I bought last year.  It was a big hit at the party I went to.  The costume is very complete so the only thing I had to add was something for my feet.  I added boots here but wore stilettos last time and they looked good too.  Even the whip, which is detachable, is included. 
I'm not really the delicate fairy type but this costume was so pretty I couldn't resist it.  The dress, head piece and wings come together in the package.  The woodsy colour is different than the usual pastel shades.  I found a fairy skin in my inventory.  The skin sports tattoos on the face and breast area.  When I put it all on, it gives me an ethereal look. I love the broom with the pumpkin light.  The pumpkin has changeable colour and a choice of features.

More costumes will be mentioned in the next few days.  I'm getting into the costume mood since Hallowe'en is only a few days away.

Good Night for now.

Picture 1:
Skin: LeLutka Estelle
Nails: PXL Creations Manicure (Pink#1)
Hair: Donna Flora Joy hair
Costume: Donna Flora Joy (peach)
Shoes: Stellar Designs Strappy Stiletto (metal)
Earrings: TR Gem Drop Earrings (pink ice)
Bracelet: Icing Princess Pearl bracelet

Picture 2:
Skin: LeLutka Estelle
Hair: Truth Hair Marianne
Costume: Convoitise Catwoman
Boots: Decoy Jully boots (onyx)

Picture 3:
Skin: J&JS Tera Fairy Skin
Eyelashes: J&JS Fairy Eyelashes
Hair: Mirone Gigi
Costume: Evie's Closet Faery

Poses: Just a pose (Pin up)
Props: AB vintage trunk; Hopscotch Witch's broom with pumpkin light; F's smoking cigarette (unknown)