Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Did You Make Your Bed This Morning?

Dear Diary:

Yes, it's National Make Your Bed Day.  I'm sure most of us - ahem - do make our beds each morning but some statistics say that the majority of people do not make their bed every day.  This morning I was prompted to make my bed in both worlds.

It has been said that by making the bed after you get up, it gets you into an organizational mood so the rest of your day falls into place.  I don't really know about that but making the bed does make me feel better...like I've accomplished something even before I get to work.

If you make your bed each day, you run a better chance of having a good nights sleep.  A smooth bed helps cut down the tossing and turning when the covers just don't seem to be coming the right way. 

Check this website for the top 6 reasons for making your bed.   

Good Night for now.  (and don't forget to make your bed!!)

I'm wearing:
Body: Maitreya Lara
Head: LeLutka Chloe
Skin: Amara Beauty
Hair: kik Katie

Bathrobe: Bisou Bisou Maitreya flowered bath robe (SL Marketplace)

Furnishings: La Galleria