Saturday, February 18, 2017

Thinking About Integrity

Dear Diary:

I have been following Strawberry Singh's blog for years and have always enjoyed her diverse topics.  It's not just about fashion or the latest mesh head.  I tend not to gravitate towards exclusively fashion blogs and like to have a variety of topics to read.  So when she posted on February 3, 2017 a piece that has been getting a lot of attention, I read it with care.  I have now followed along the responses since then and couldn't just sit on my hands without typing my brain out.

Where are the "freedoms" set down by the First Amendment - of speech? of religion? I am appalled at the people who railed against her post, especially since many of them didn't really know what they were talking about and obviously just wanted to prove THEY could have the right to say anything but Berry couldn't.  When hatred and stupidity come together, it causes people to become obnoxious.  

The outpouring of negativity towards Berry's post was not about her picture or about her defining Muslims, it was aimed at her because she had the fortitude to make a stand against the establishment.  I believe her dissenters are probably those that have no friends that are of a different race or religion, than they are. They can only accept what they've been told is right for an appropriate world.

I am not an American but feel I have every right to comment on the political climate in the States as eventually it will effect my country as well as other countries.  Right now, it feels that this administration is not a cohesive group working together to better the country.  Each person seems to have their own ideas about a topic and very rarely does this information put forth, come out as truth. [Attention Mr. Press Secretary: It's a good idea to know the name of the head of a country

Congratulations Berry on being a strong advocate for ethicality.  Never sit back and not voice your opinion. Never give up on your principles for the sake of the objectors.  Never resort to being only a fashion blog.

These are only my opinions.

Good Night for now.

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