Saturday, February 20, 2016

Peace And Love At Flower Power

Dear Diary:

Ah yes!  Flower Power!  This simple phrase came about in the '60's when there were protests against the Vietnam war.  I heard about this many times from my Mom when I was growing up and I've always been attracted to that era and what it represented. So of course I had to visit the Flower Power Fair and scoop up a few of the wonderful items of that time.

The hipster pants come in a great variety of colours, both patterned and plain that can be co-ordinated with fringed tops.  The tops come in a 3 pack so you can vary the look.  Both come from sYs.  It's a super look.

I love the big hoop earrings.  They have multiple changes through a HUD, ranging from several metal looks, to colourful wood features.  They're made by Delirium exclusively for this event.

The pose from IE is perfect for the time.  Music was considered more powerful than weapons so everyone seemed to play an instrument.  Naturally the guitar was most popular since it was so portable.  Hitch hiking made it really easy to get around.

I added a few items I had in my closet from past boho encounters and the  look is complete.

How appropriate to find an abandoned VW garage to complete the picture.

Visit Flower Power until February 26th.

Read about the Flower Power movement here.  Peace.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing from Flower Power:
Mani/Pedi: Shakeup! Maitreya Nails Applier (daisies)
Hair: enVogue Paige
Top: sYs Design Janis shirt psyche1
Jeans: sYs Design Janis flared jeans psyche 2
Earrings: D-Style Loops with HUD (Flower Power exclusive)
Headband: Pulse Lenity Flower Crown (red)
Pose with guitar case: Image Essentials Walk About

Purse: sYs Caba bag (gift)
Friendship bracelets:  BoHo HoBo (no longer available)
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses K_gs Mito 

Location: Oranje vinjstaat