Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A New Store To Me #15

Dear Diary:

A week ago I saw a notice about a new store on the grid so I just had to fly out to see it.  Chambre Rose, was a small place with a few items in it.  I did buy this dress since I was impressed with the styling.  It came in other colours but I felt like a "pink" day.

I returned to the store a few days ago and I was surprised to see how the place had expanded.  There were a lot of choices on the main floor - dresses from formal to casual; skirts, tops and coats and all clothing is mesh body compatible.  There is also a Gacha machine.  I did try it for some funky donut earrings but the machine was unable to deliver.  The owner of the shop, Azraellll, or Az,  quickly refunded my money with an apology.  Great customer service!  The top floor has a variety of full perm items.

Az is also on Marketplace but visiting her in-world store provides a true look at the quality of her clothing.

Good Night for now.
I'm wearing from Chambre Rose:
Dress: Adele (rose & noir)

Hair: Dura girl #41
Earrings: je suis voyante plain earclips
Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer bangles Damasc (silver)
Boots: Hilly Haalan Lilau Fringe booties (black)

Store Location: Chambre Rose
Photo Location: St. Louis Arch