Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Event

Dear Diary:

I've always admired and been in awe of the very talented creators in Second Life, in particular the Japanese innovators.  I've been a fan of theirs ever since I happened upon this world several years ago.  In my closet, I have many items designed and manufactured by these inventors.  So, I was extremely pleased to see an event, Creationjp where I could go and see a lot of different Japanese designers.  Some were new to me so I enjoyed seeing what they produced.  

I love the red polka dot blouse I'm wearing.  This is my first liquid mesh purchase.  It fits well and does move very nicely when I move.  The sailor dress has several options, and can be worn as separate pieces so you can make the most out of the outfit.

I understand from the official website that this will be a regular event.  The current session started on June 21st and will run until July 15th.  The items on display cover not only clothing, but hair, shoes and a prop with poses.  All are quality items, made with ingenuity and attention to detail.  The vendors can be seen here.

Good Night for now.

From Creationjp:
On left:
Blouse:  chronokit blouse 01 (polka dot red)

On right:
Hair: boon TUM278
Dress: GField mesh highwaist skirt Doris and tops (navy)

Poses: Abranimations

Location: Creation jp