Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tools That Are Good For Me

Dear Diary:

I'm a minimalist, or maybe a novice when it comes to using tools available in second life.  You'd think after my years in this life I would have experimented with more.  On my screen, in addition to the usual toolbars [chat, people, snapshot etc.], I usually have only a couple of tools all the time.  The others come on for a reason or when I need them. 

1. Abranimations AO:  This is always on my screen and I use it most often.  I have another Abranimations AO called "Happy" that I picked up for free.  I use that one only occasionally.  

2. AnyPose Expressions HUD:  I like this HUD.  It's great when you take a photo and want a perfect facial expression for a pose or if you want your eyes turned toward an area.  I use it all the time. It's also FREE.

3. Improved Camera Placement HUD:  I got this years ago and don't use it often but for certain pictures it gives the right perspective.  It's simple to use.  It was FREE but I'm not sure where I got it.

4. Abranimations EmoGadget:  I use this HUD primarily when I'm working.  There's a good variety of animations accompanied by facial expressions, as well as some audio.

5. Sgeo Editing Appearance HUD:  I have this running all the time.  I found it very handy when I go to try on a demo when there are no stands around or if I want to adjust something when I'm not at home.    It's simplistic and I got it back in 2007 but I find it very handy.  I just saw it on Marketplace and it's FREE.

6. Zhao-II AO:  I picked this up as an empty case at Outrider Animations [now here]and added animations to it.  I use it when I'm at a concert or shopping since there's not as much "action" to it as #1.  Sometimes I find a lot of movement distracting when I'm trying to watch something.

So these are my tools that I use.  Not that sophisticated compared to some but they work for me.

Look at Strawberry Singh's Monday Meme for other suggestions on tools.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Sweater: PurpleMoon Dresha top (green striped)
Pants: Casual cords (brown) (very old...not sure where they came from)
Shoes: GField Shoetopia 2013 Gift (flower deck shoes)