Friday, January 17, 2014

"Let's Get Rid of That Word" for Good!

Dear Diary:

At this time of year, Lake Superior State University publishes a list of words that should be banned from the English language because of overuse or misuse.  I look forward to seeing what words [and some of my pet peeves] are present.  This year I've picked a couple that irritate me crazy...make me scream!

1. SELFIE:  This received the most votes this year and came top of the list.  I detest seeing people snapping pics of themselves anywhere, at anytime with their phone.  Once I saw a man snap a pic of himself outside a funeral home.  I think they should not only ban the word, but ban the cell phone for that use.

2. TWERK / TWERKING: I don't even need to comment on this word.  Can you believe it made the Oxford Dictionary? 

3. ____ ON STEROIDS:  This phrase is SOOO annoying to me.  I realize that whoever is using it, is trying to make a point but it's usually missing the point completely..."That steak I ate was meat on steroids".  That thought is enough to make me squirm.

So those are my top three irritants for this year.  To see previous words that have been like nails on the blackboard to me, you can check 2012 and 2013

To see all of the words put out on the official list this year, go here or to add your  comment or submit a word for the upcoming list next year, look here.  My list is starting soon.

Good Night for now.

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