Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tis the Season to Get Ready

Dear Diary:

Ah marks the beginning of the month that fills me full of hope and excitement [in both worlds by the way] and the day I start to put out my Christmas decorations.  I found a great store, Botanica, that displayed wonderful holiday presentations so I decided to do some shopping.

On the pathway into the store, there are quite a few winter plants.  The one I was taken with was the holly bush, nice shiny leaves and bright red berries.

Follow the path along to....

the Christmas store.  There are many different Christmas trees on display.  Some are airy and fantasy-like and I must admit, I was very attracted to them.  They're named after capital cities in Europe.  

Inside the Christmas store, you'll find a vast display of decorations.  There are wreaths, Christmas trees, decorative boxes and poinsettias.  A lot of these are mesh which makes it great for decorating.

No trip to a Christmas store would be complete without sitting on Santa's lap.  He welcomed me and asked if I had been a good girl this year.  Now is there any doubt about that??

I loved the look of the Light trees and picked one out to put on the roof of my home.  I came home with Warsaw.  You can resize them but I think it looks best in a larger size.  It definitely shows the "snowflakes" that make up the tree.

The season has started!  December will be fun for me.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:

Hair: Analog Dog Hair b.ffwd
Tee: Derek Alexande Keep Calm and Wait for Christmas (SL Marketplace)
Jeans: Izzie's Skinny bottom jeans (brown)
Boots: Gos hunter ankle boots (hazel leather)

Botanica: Warsaw light Tree 4

Location: Botanica