Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Am I Qualified Enough to Reply to the Monday Meme?

Dear Diary:

Strawberry Singh's Meme this week is a very thought provoking subject that certainly requires a mind that is geared to legal logistics.  That leaves me out!  So I'm not sure I should even be responding but after supper last night, I got the paper and pencil and decided to jot down a few things, from my viewpoint, concerning the anxiety over the TOS.

1. Do you usually read the TOS thoroughly before you hit accept? I can probably say no, I never used to but the last one that came through I skimmed through, partly due to what everyone had been saying about it.  However, in RL I'm a researcher but the legalese combobulation of this TOS throws my mind.  Why can't the LL put a synopsis of their document in REAL language that a lot of us can understand?  Many large companies will send a TOS for you to accept but will also include a language-simplified post.  This makes it a lot easier for those of us who do not know or understand all the legal ramification of their jargon.

2. How do you feel about the new LL TOS changes, specially from August 15th and section 2.3.
This is a very difficult question.  I am not creative.  I can't even make a box. But I have friends who are artists, writers, machinimagraphers, content creators and I feel for them.  Part of my job in RL for quite a few years was in copyright so I can appreciate the mistrust when items that have been legally protected by the inventor are usurped by LL. 

3. Do the changes affect you directly? No, not directly.  However, I'm a big consumer of Second Life products.  My budget will tell you that, so indirectly it might.  I can understand people in the creative industry, whether it be building, clothing or personal enhancements, not making new items or even drastically pulling out of the business arena.  I would miss my shopping excursions.  No more haute couture; no more high-class coiffures; and certainly not the top-of-the-line furniture I'm used to.
I do work for a machinima company.  If they decide to fold, then I will be out of a job and out of work that I love.  And of course, out of the $$ that I need to be spending on all the fantastic items that fill my closet. 

4. What do you think people should do about this new change? Hmmm....I agree with Berry on this one.  I'm really not sure at this point.  I consider myself to be proactive and would like to be protesting to the nth degree but I really have nothing to protest for...at least right now.  I would support any content creator if they choose to protest. I think it's important that we all read about the changes that are being forced upon us, especially since it might involve most of us in some other way when the next TOS comes out.  When we become well prepared, we can decide what the next step might be.  I believe we should all be apprised of what LL has in store for us.  That way we can choose our actions.  From now on I'll read every TOS coming across my screen.

 5. Are you or have you ever thought about leaving Second Life? What would you do with your time/blogs/career if you ever did?  Crazy as it sounds, I considered leaving about 3 days after becoming "me".  I wasn't sure that I was meant for this virtual place.  Now, several years later, I have a house, tons of friends, a bulging closet and a very active life.  I would never consider abandoning it now. 
If I did ever leave [it would be forced for sure!], I would have no problem filling up my time.  I have an extremely active, busy RL so perhaps I would devote more time to that.  But SL is another social outlet for me that I have fun with.  I've met some wonderful friends from around the world.  I enjoy the live entertainment, the dances and the tons of fun.  I'm sure I would find another world to live in but it would never be the same.  This blog, and my career in my second world would be gone.  I would be sad about that but there's something always around the corner that would peak my curiosity, as Second Life did.

A friend just passed this article on to me, The Second Audience: Rights for Creators.
Perfect timing!

Good Night for now.