Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let's get rid of that Word!

Dear Diary:

In 1976, Lake Superior State University, in Michigan, published a list of words that they felt shouldn't be uttered again.  It was done as a publicity ploy but the University is still publishing a list.  The list this year contains many of my favourite "banned" words.  The Banished Words List for 2012 contains an interesting selection, with submissions from around the world.

I SO agree with "man cave" being there.  Even some malls are advertising about a man cave available when the women go shopping.  Even if it has a tv and pool table with refreshments, isn't it still a lounge?  If a "man cave" is at your home, isn't it still a garage? [or should be]
Another term that irritates me is "baby bump".  A friend of mine who is pregnant always says to me, "I'm getting a baby bump!  Look at my baby bump!"  Can't she just say pregnant?  It totally makes my head spin.

Next year I'm going to suggest "awesome".  Awesome is everything to everybody and you hear it applied to all things from evaluating food to admiring someones new haircut to expressing your health at the moment.

Check out the full banished word list here just in case your favourites are on it too.  Any suggestions for next year?

Good Night for now.

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