Monday, August 5, 2019

A Long Weekend For Me! Wonderful!

Dear Diary:

Today is a Civic holiday for me.  It's so nice to have a long weekend.  Everything - laundry, vacuuming, dish washing - can come to a standstill and it can be an enjoyable day off.

Chloe and I got an invitation for a boat ride so we flew out to the dock to meet our friend.  I said to Chloe, "Let's take a picture to remember this day".  "Good idea", she said, but little did she realize I had the perfect pose all planned.

She was a good sport about it and agreed that the pose reflected the day as we ended up having a lot of fun on the lake.

Good Night for now.

Chloe is wearing:
Hair: Diva Chikat
Tee: Just Because Mindy tank top (pale pink)
Shorts: Just Because Lisa jean shorts (blue)
Sandals: kokoia Nile (jumbalaya

I'm wearing:
Hair: Tableau Vivant Elle
Tee: Bueno Meli (pink stripe)
Shorts: Decoy Kae High rise shorts (white)
Shoes: Livalle Slammers

Pose: WetCat