Saturday, August 4, 2018

A Beautiful Day To Discover A New Artist

Dear Diary:

I was feeling a bit "antsy" the other day.  I had bought a new dress, along with a lot of things to go with it so I did want to go out and explore...but where to go was the problem for me.

I always love going to art galleries and see the newest offerings in paintings or learning about a new artist I hadn't been aware of before.  I discovered the Cafe des Arts where a painter I hadn't heard of, was displaying some of his works.  I was drawn to his paintings.

I found Giancarlo Petrini's art to be primal and primitive at the same time but definitely intriguing.  Here's what was written about him:

"His recent paintings are constructed with broken, ramshackle signs, without seduction, unbalanced" - writes Armando Ginesi in the travelling exhibition catalog from "L'Ombra del Moloch". "These are the signs of our time, of an era that has renounced the idea of ??perfection, of the One, of equilibrium, of absolute values, to throw itself headlong into the radicalism of imperfection, into the imbalance that has become an aesthetic sign, relativism shattered, because the dià-bàllo seems to have taken over the sün-bàllo (to unite, to unite), the value disvalue.Finally, one could say, because an aesthetic of the "ugly" prevailed, a sort of oxymoron, of logical contradiction of a historical period in which illogical things, absurd and "anti" attitudes seem to prevail, in which the struggle seems to have replaced the emotional union, in which the no must always and in any case prevail over the yes ".  (Armando Ginesi)

And by Mexi Lane who has organized this showing at the Cafe:
"There is also subtle irony in Petrini's works and the infantile trait with which he synthesizes his messages succeeds in easing the negativity of the world, letting the thread of hope that we all secretly preserve in our heart leaked."
(Mexi Lane from the notecard on the artist)

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Cafe.  

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Body: Maitreya Lara
Head: LeLutka Chloe
Skin: Amara Beauty Sylvia
Lipstick: Sintiklia Lipgloss Angel
Hair: tram H0701 (at Uber til Aug 22)

Dress: Emery heroes Just for One Day (at Uber til Aug 22)
Shoes: KC Couture Roma wedges
Purse: E-clipse La petite (grey)
Sun glasses: Haysuriza Cat Eye 
Earrings: PC Oversized silver hoops (SL Marketplace)
Anklet: Avaway Butterfly anklet (silver)

Pose: Marukin

Location: Cafe des Arts