Friday, June 8, 2018

A Fifty Linden Friday Moment

Dear Diary:

Everyone knows how much I like animal prints.  I have pillows, hats, purses, blankets and chair covers.  I also have a lot of animal print clothing so when I saw that Dead Dollz was offering a cute little dress for Fifty Linden Fridays  I just had to fly out and get it.

The store was packed when I got there.  But surprise...beyond surprise...who did I see when I landed was my BFF, Chloe.  I knew Chloe liked animal prints just as much as I did but I didn't expect her to be out shopping so early.

The dress comes with a HUD featuring 4 prints so Chloe and I decided to both wear the dress featuring our favourite animal print.  Of course we had to take a picture for our album.

Now I have to check with Chloe every time I want to wear this dress...just to make sure we're not on the same print.

Good Night for now.

We are both wearing:
Dead Dollz Jungle Fever (for Fifty Linden Fridays)