Friday, December 8, 2017

Do People Still Send Christmas Cards?

Dear Diary:

My Mom always sent out Christmas cards...yes...actual the mail.  She sent out lots and we got lots in return.  I enjoyed putting the cards up around the house, looking at the picture on the front, reading the cheery message inside and then checking out signatures of who sent it.  It was part of the Christmas tradition.

My first few years as an adult, I too sent out actual cards to older relatives and some of my friends from university who lived in other places.  I would receive cards back.  Eventually the actual cards slowed coming in and going out.  It was so much easier logging into a card shop online, picking a cute card, entering an email address and pressing "SEND".  Off it went without too much time or thought.  Simple!

But this year I decided I would go back to the actual card and send out a few to older relatives and some friends again.

This does require a lot of time and thought on my part.  What do I say? What do I ask?  How much do I write?  I admit it is time consuming when time is flying by and so much needs to be accomplished in a short period.

But...I am enjoying it.  I wonder if I'll get actual cards back?

Good Night for now.

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