Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Year's Resolutions From 2016

Dear Diary:

I'm not really good at keeping New Year's Resolutions so when Strawberry Singh posted her "challenge" list last January, I decided I would try to follow as many of her suggested resolutions as I could.  So yesterday, I had a relaxing day and it was a perfect time to look back at what I had covered.

Here's my tally:

1. TED talks: I visited the site and found so many topics that I would like to explore but I settled on two that I enjoyed listening to. Here is my post.

2. Try a mesh head and wear for 24 hours: This was the first resolution that I did.  It was fun and I was glad I tried a mesh head out.  It was a group gift so I didn't spend any money.  I still haven't bought one but...maybe one of these days.  Here is my trial.

3. Vote:  I live in Canada so our election was in October 2015.  I voted (always do) a bit before the challenge.  The Canadian political results can  be viewed here.

4. Donate or volunteer:  In my first life I always donate to local charities as I feel this is most beneficial to my community, especially food banks and things for children.  In my second life, I donate to various sims so they can keep running and to special events such as Relay for Life.

5. Start a meme:  No.  I didn't do this.

6. Comment:  Over the year, I have left comments on a few blogs that I admire and appreciate.  I haven't done this previous to the challenge so I'm glad I told these people how much I enjoy reading their writing or how I admire their creativity.  

7. Reconnect:  I thought this was an excellent resolution.  So many of our friends slip away without us realizing.  I have a long friends list but I only see and talk to a few close people.  My results are here.

8. Explore Second Life:  I try to explore various sims that can be different or those that might be recommended.  One of the prettiest was Patron, mentioned here and one of the friendliest, Crestwick Island, visited here.

9. Give thanks:  No.  I didn't do this directly.  One time, a few years back, I was having trouble with getting rid of a griefer and his "grief"!!!  I finally contacted Guy Linden who managed to get rid of the noise-grating, light-flashing item that had invaded my house.  I thanked him profusely.  He is in charge of land, abandoned or otherwise. And...he does have a fan club you can join.

10. Start a daily mantra:  Meditating has been a part of my life for many years so this was an easy one for me to do.  Here it is.

This past year has gone quickly for me and I'm glad I tried to finish as many of the resolutions as I could.  I wonder if Berry will do another challenge for 2017 (??) Hmmm...better start getting ready now.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Body: Maitreya Lara
Skin: Izzie's Romy
Eyes: Ikon Sunrise (deep hazel)
Hair: enVOGUE Paige

Sweater: Pixicat Fall Sweater (green)
Leggings: Pixicat Fall tights (flower)
Slippers: JustDesign Slipper fur (black) (SL Marketplace)
Glasses: je suis charmante (red)

Bed, Christmas pillows: La Galleria

Pose (with cup): Lisp Tea Pose