Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Shopping Spree with Chloe

Dear Diary:

My friend Chloe and I love to go on shopping expeditions together.  We don't always have the time to do it but when we do, the plastic is melting!  One of our favourite events is Creation jp.  We both admire the Japanese creators and manage to pick up a few things to add to our closet.

Chloe decided to go for an "edgier" look than I did.  In both worlds, she's definitely the one to take chances.  I loved her pants from chronokit so much that I went back and got a pair for myself.  The pant comes in a few basic colours with a colour change belt, and that guarantees that there will be something in your wardrobe to match it perfectly.  The detail on the pant is precise and shows lots of creativity.  In the package, a boot version of the pant is available too.  Chloe did an amazing job of putting all her purchases together for an awesome look.

I'm thrilled with all my buys too.  My hair from elua is a style I go for - a little messy, a bit casual with a natural look.  I usually go for a sweater dress for its practicality.  You can dress it up or down.  This one, from  Fishy Strawberry  has pearls running down the back - a really nice touch.  In particular, I love the glasses from Kumaki.  There are lots of options for colour change of frames and/or lenses, and a choice of normal placement or one on top of your head.  I've tested round glasses before but they never seemed to have the right look.  These are the best I've tried.

It was a fun day.  Take a trip out to  Creation jp when you get the time.  It's well worth it.

Good Night for now.

Chloe and I are wearing from Creation jp:

Hair: Boon OPA206
Vest: Gizza Brooke draped vest (camel)
Pants: chronokit Long Sarouel pants (khaki)
Neckpiece: studio Akini Ala-neo plain (gold)

Hair: elua Demi
Dress: Fishy Strawberry Pearls Sweatdress (pale wisteria)
Glasses: K_gs Kumaki Glasses Mito

Background and pose: Katink