Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Hardest Job in the World

Dear Diary:

A friend of mine has a teenage daughter who has just returned to high school for a new semester.  She's been looking for a part time job to make some money to be able to afford all the "items" that a teenager absolutely has to have!  I asked her what kind of work was she looking for.  She told me that she was considering accepting a position with one of the local restaurants.  She thought the pay, plus HUGE tips, would allow her to buy all the things she wanted.  I yelled, "OMG!!!  That's the hardest job in the world."  I worked as a waitress one summer when I was in school.

As a waitress, I took the brunt of all the complaints - the steak wasn't cooked enough / the steak was cooked too much; the soup was too hot / the soup was cold; there wasn't enough salad dressing / there was too much salad dressing.  Whatever  the complaint, it was always the waitress' fault.  And of course, not everybody left a tip.

I have a great respect for women who work in this service field.  It truly is the hardest job in the world.

Good Night for now.

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