Friday, February 28, 2014

Use your Power to Stop the Bullies

"When people hurt you over and over,
think of them like sandpaper.
They may scratch and hurt you a bit,
but in the end, you end up polished and
they end up useless."
Dear Diary:
Bullying is a horrible mean-spirited act of cruelty that we all have been involved in, whether it's as an observer, a contributor or as a recipient.  This act has been visible everywhere, in the school, at work, at home or in senior's centres.  At one time, bullying was kept rather isolated but with the Internet, these tormenters are able to reach a wider audience with more hatred and often drastic results.  Online provides a person anonymity that seems to make these antagonizers more scathing in their attacks.
Poulet Koenkamp, of PurpleMoon Creations, has made this tee for men and women.  In her note, she makes a statement that I really like.  She writes: Stand against bullying without saying a word, by slipping into a pink T-shirt.  For a donation of 10L, you can purchase it at her store but a larger donation is certainly welcome.  Your donation will go to CKNW Orphans' Fund in support of Boys & Girls Clubs Anti-Bullying programs. 
Even though Pink Shirt Day was last Wednesday, you can still pick up the tee and donate until March 4.
Here are some interesting facts to read:
Bullying Prevention Character Education Partnership
Don't let anyone take away your power.
Good Night for now.
Tee: PurpleMoon Pink Shirt Day - Bullying Stops here
Hair: [INK] Hair Benzie
Pose: Ma Vie