Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thank Your Weatherman Today

Dear Diary:

Doesn't it seem strange to be having a day for weathermen when this winter has been horrible??  I think so too but when I was checking out what was important about February 5th, this odd acknowledgement popped up so I considered following it up. 

It's not an official holiday or celebration anywhere but I thought it very appropriate to recognize it, especially today.  The Midwest and Eastern U.S. is being pummeled with snow while England is experiencing major flooding.  In my part of Canada, it's still below the normal temp for this time of year, but I can't compare my situation to a city in Russia that reached -50C (-58F) this morning.  No, I'm not that bad off.

Yesterday, I persuaded my friend Sam to be weatherman of the day, although he was very reluctant to play the part.  He told me, "Oh sure! Everybody will hate me!"  I told him that they wouldn't since weather in our second world is perfect anytime you want it.

I guess it's not really the weatherman's fault.  This weather is not his doing.  I'm sure weathermen are always blamed for the treacherous driving; the rainy wedding day; or the chilly family picnic.  So today let's forget the blame game and watch the weather, appreciating what the weatherman does to bring us the forecast. 

That will make Sam feel better.

Good Night for now.

Sam is wearing:
Skin: Clef de Peau (Joshua)
Hair: Redgrave Chris
Jacket and pants: [W] Sports jacket brown & blue plaid (SL Marketplace)
Tie: [W] Bowtie (abstract patterns) (SL Marketplace)
Boots: theosophy Lewiston boots (tan)
Camera: BN studio camera (SL Marketplace)