Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Day for Grandparents

Dear Diary:

Last Sunday was Grandparents' Day and it brought to mind a book that should have been written about my Grandmother.  The title is "Funny, You Don't Look Like a Grandmother"It's a cute funny book about contemporary grandmothers.  And I had a grandmother exactly like that.
Bake cookies? No.  Read bedtime stories? Unh-unh.  Take a quiet trip to the library? Absolutely not.  But if you needed someone to hunt for garter snakes, walk through the bat cave or hike up the hill to find a lake on the top, she was there.

My Grandmother encouraged me to always follow my dreams even if they seemed out of reach.  She gave me a book by Guy de Moupassant when I was 14 and told me to learn a little history.  **cough cough**  I could bring my friends to her house, play music as loud as we wanted and she would help me roll up the rug so we could dance.  And of course she danced along with us.

I was fortunate to have my Grandmother in my life, for only a brief time, it seemed.  She taught me how to live.  All of us who have had grandparents to tell us the family history, to be a confidante or a baby sitter, count ourselves lucky to have had the "grandparent" experience.  

Good Night for now.

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