Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A new computer is a wondrous thing

Dear Diary:
Ahhh yes!  After talking to friends, stalking the computer stores, reading countless Consumer Reports, accompanied by a lot of anxiety, I did buy a new desktop computer.  Armed with my bit of plastic, I cha-chinged my way home.  However, it sat in the box for 3 weeks [My old computer was like a comfortable slipper] but 3 days ago I decided it was time to move ahead.

First pic with new computer (not edited)
 I've set up computers before. I use them at work so I was prepared for the steps I needed to take to get this new one operable.  "Nooo problem", I thought.  Getting it out of the box seemed to be the hard part - so much for the "green" packaging.  Right.  Disconnect the old; connect the new.  Ooops!  Where do I attach the VGA cord?  Back to the store.  Oh...ok...that's what this adapter is for.  Gotcha!  Home again.  All connected now.  Hmmm....colour is just green and blue.  Change cords.  Nope.  Back to the store.  Will you test this adapter please?  It's good?  Right.  Home again. Connect the monitor to my old computer.  Working fine.  Back to the store.  What can I do now?  Try the DVI cord? Sure.  Home again.  Still green and blue.  Alrighty!  Back to the store WITH the computer.  PLEASE TEST IT HERE [am thinking I'm an idiot].  AHA!!!  So it's NOT me!  Video card is not co-operating.  HURRAY!!!!  I'm vindicated.  Home again with a brand new hard drive. 

So...how was your weekend?
Good Night for now.
I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Friday (suntan) (Rockin' Friday)
Eyes: Miriel Hazel (no longer available)
Eye lashes: LeLutka Lola lashes
Hair: Truth Hair Joanna

Blouse: GF Floral halter top (wine) (gift)
Capris: GF Capri jeans (wine)
Sandals: Aoharu Ethnic Bijou (opal)


Location: Pear Computer Store