Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clackety-clack Goes the Typewriter

Dear Diary:

The other day I was flying from store to store looking at the sales and I picked up the cutest typewriter necklace from Caroline's Jewelry and that made me think about an article I read in the PC magazine a few months back.  It was about the last typewriter factory in India shutting down.  So I pushed the laptop to the side and brought the old machine out of the attic to type this article  - just for realism!
As my fingers started aching from the pounding, names like Remington, Underwood and Smith Corona ran through my head, brands that were familiar from hearing my great aunt talk about her secretarial experience and the ins-and-outs of each new addition to the office.  I gained a new respect thinking of those secretaries who expended so much time and effort to produce a document without the use of backspace / delete / spell check.

The article states that the factory in India was producing 50,000 typewriters in the '90s but with the popularity of computers gaining strength, and the decline of sales, they stopped production in 2009.  This will mean a big change for some Indian businesses.  However, the update is that an American company is still making portable models so perhaps the typewriter will not cease to exist just yet.
Will I keep the old Beauty on my work desk? laptop owns it now and besides, I'm not as skilled a typer as the women before me.

Read the article about the demise of the typewriter here and find out about the evolution of the typewriter here.  Very interesting to learn how our society still likes the "old" gadgets.

Good Night for now.

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