Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bikini Season Is Just Around The Corner

Dear Diary:

At this time of year I start thinking - should've, would've, could've - in obvious dismay to the extra pounds I've put on over the winter months.  I think it's called hibernation!! So in both worlds, I decided to start getting in shape now.

At the Gym:

I always start with a good warm-up.

Some floor exercises help with
getting muscles moving and
provides a lot of stretching to
loosen up.

Using the weights is my favourite
exercise.  I like to keep my upper body
firm and make sure my core is strong.

Of course this is my favourite exercise of all.
Relaxing after a great work out.

I hope after all of this I'll be able to squeeze into my bikini without looking like a sausage in a casing!

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Hair: elua Yepa
Sports bra: Just Because Casey (tropics prints)
Shorts: Atomic Chill Out Booty Shorts (purple)
Sneakers: Tetra air sneakers (lime)

Poses in the items used.

Location: Alpha Gym