Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Dancing Challenge..and ...yes ... CHALLENGE!

Dear Diary:

Well, I've never done a video before but with the dancing challenge this week I thought I might tackle it.  I did have some extra time and it was a good thing.  It took me all week to accomplish 30 sec of careening around a dance floor.

I learned a lot.  I filmed a few...deleted many.  Edited a couple....added things to two. Published one....deleted one.  Tried the "fancies"...lost the core video.  And the result for the first attempt was not exactly as planned but then that would have taken another week of ups and downs.  So...

Thanks to Strawberry Singh for suggesting this and I hope we do more videos since I think I can do better next time.  A special thanks to Caitlin Tobias who provided tips and tricks  for making videos and by reading and re-reading her post several thousand times, it gave me confidence to try this.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Hair: Vanity Hair Fugee
Outfit: Moonstore no rules outfit (pink)
Earrings: MOOD Fumo (no longer available)
Shoes: KC Georgia

Dance: MOVE Sonja