Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hopscotching Into Daylight Savings Time

Dear Diary:

When I was a kid, my friends and I loved to play hopscotch.  We would draw the hopscotch form with chalk on the sidewalk in front of my house, pick up a couple of stones and play for hours.  So when I saw this hopscotch game at The Secret Room, I just had to play it.

We drew our hopscotch a bit differently in my day but the objective of the game seems to be the same.  We each had our favourite stone to throw into the square and when the rain washed away the form, we drew another.  It was great fun in the neighbourhood.

As I was hopping around today, trying to get a good picture, I thought I looked like I was "springing" from square to square.  That brought to mind that tonight I had to move the clocks ahead an hour.  So remember that we lose an hour of sleep tonight. No hopping around tomorrow.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Hair: monso My Hair
Sweater: Bueno Mishi Sweater (striped lime)
Jeans: Emery Mid Rise Skinny Jeans Verve (butter)
Sneakers: kokoia Vernon (green)

Hopscotch Game: Serenity Style (The Secret Room)

Background: Katink NYC pack