Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nothing Like Exercising on a Spring Day

Dear Diary:

The other day I was complaining to Chloe that I really needed to get back to exercising.  The winter (and many chocolate covered almonds) had taken its toll on my backside.  Coincidentally, while shopping at My Attic, I spotted this great air step by Winx.  It has a lot of colour variations so you can choose whatever colour you feel like that day.  There are also many different exercises that you can do to get into better shape.

Of course I had to buy it so I could work on getting fit for the summer bikini weather.  I called my friends to come and try it out.

It was a warm sunny day so we decided to find an outdoor spot to exercise.  This beautiful park was an ideal place.

I gave them each an air step, let them choose the colour they wanted and told them to go to it!  Of course, Sam picked the leg lift since he wanted to sit down.

I think my muffin tops are a lot smaller now - ok - I said I think!

Good Night for now.

Sam is wearing:
Shirt: Lapointe & Bastchild Classic T shirt (blue)
Shorts: American Bazaar Frippe Bermuda (blue)
Sneakers: BigO O-zone S-word (blue) (SL Marketplace)

Chloe is wearing:
Hair: Analog Dog quest
Tank and shorts: Eyelure Sports tank and shorts (pink)
Sneakers: kokoia Vernon (white)

I'm wearing:
Hair with headband: W&Y #135 (no longer available)
Tank top: Eyelure tied tank (flower pop)
Sweat pants: Eyelure capri sweats (lime)
Sneakers: kokoia Vernon (lilac)

Exercise pad: W Winx & Flair AeroStep (at My Attic)

Location: Birchdale Mall