Sunday, February 1, 2015

"Let's Get Rid of That Word" Soon

Dear Diary:

Around this time of year, Lake Superior State University comes out with a list of words that they think should be banned, either because the words are overused; used in the wrong context or just plain irritating!  I try to write a post when I see the list as it's so fun to see what words should be put in the trash for this year.

While I was watching the sports news, and preparing for Super Bowl, I decided to write this post with my top 4 irritating words.

1. POLAR VORTEX:  Every weather report has a "polar vortex coming out of the north".  I'm not sure what this term means.  What happened to "a cold front" or "winter"?  And why is it always from Canada?

2. SKILL SET: To me this phrase is unnecessary.  I think this is supposed to stand for someone's skills so why not just say skills?

3. FOODIE:  I think the correct way of describing a person who excels in the food world is "gourmand".  I loved one person's comments from the website - "It's ridiculous. Do we call people who like wine 'winies' or beer lovers 'beeries'?" Perfect!

4. __NATION: Being that this suffix is mostly used by sports fans, I'm not sure of any team or fan who has designs on establishing a country.  In honour of this word, I decided to join the Hawks-nation for the Super Bowl, mainly because I don't like the Patriots.

Lake Superior State University has been putting out this list for 40 years.  Although it's a tongue-in-cheek approach, it's fun to look back at some of the words they thought should be banned.  Here is the history behind the list all the lists from 1976.

Good Night for now.

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