Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wildlife Can Be Dangerous When You're Driving

Dear Diary:

In my part of Canada, the moose is a magnificent looking animal.  He's not pretty or cute but he is very unique.  He can also be dangerous at various times of the year, usually in the fall, around mating season.  However, lately there's been a warning that moose are coming out of the bush onto roads causing lots of car accidents.  Why? Because of the mosquitoes and black flies!

The summer weather has been very wet this year, with rain several times during the week.  Ordinarily by this time, when hot weather is prevalent, those pesky insects are gone.  Still flying around now, the flies are bothering the moose so they're coming out of the bush.
Most moose are found in Canada, with an estimate of a million animals.  The moose live in the boreal forests of the north where there are cooler temperatures.  They are good swimmers so live near marshes or river banks.  Being plant eaters, moose get their food from new tree shoots or from aquatic plants.  Due to a remarkable and complex mouth and nose, they are the only members of the deer family that can eat under water.
On average, an adult moose can stand roughly 2 metres (6 feet) at the shoulder and weigh as much as 360 kg (about 800 lb) so when a car and a moose collide, it can be lethal.  Seatbelts or air bags don't offer much support.  Most drivers try to avoid hitting this animal, by running their car off the road themselves.
I've never had an accident with a moose but one has run along side of my car.  When looking out the side window, I could only see legs running along with me.  A little intimidating for sure!

Stay safe on the highway.
Good Night for now.
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