Thursday, January 31, 2013

A New Store To Me #2

Dear Diary:

A few weeks ago I was flitting around from place to place, not really looking for anything in particular when I came upon a new store that had only been open a few weeks.  The store is called, Mutresse, owned by Eeky Cioc.

Right now the store only has a small inventory but what is there I really like.  Eeky has wedge-heeled boots and jackets with mix or match pants.  They come in a variety of colours, from dark and basic, to more spring-like hues, a total of 15 different colours.  At that time, I bought a pair of charcoal boots that I used in a previous post.  What I liked best about the boots was the detail.  The laces went through grommets and then tied.  The detail was very well done.  On my second visit, I bought a jacket and matching pants to give a tailored suit look.

The jacket is loose fitting and drapes nicely over a blouse or sweater.  I particularly like the pants, since there are different options for the leg.  Pants can be worn for higher heels or flats.  This is wonderful as you often want to have the ability to wear different shoes with your outfit.  There's a crease in the leg and "wear" folds that look so real.  I really like the way the mesh items fit me.  I know most designers offer several standard sizes but I like my shape the way I am and don't want to vary it too much. 

I'm looking forward to seeing more items in the store, with the same exceptional quality.

Good Night for now.

From Mutresse:
Jacket: Simona jacket (Primrose Yellow)
Pants: Simona trousers (Primrose Yellow)

Other items:
Blouse: Coco Sleeveless blouse (white)
Shoes: Aleida Natalie croco pumps (gold) (no longer available)
Hat: NYU Cashmere Tweed cap (light brown) (L'Accessories)

Pose: Olive Juice (no longer available)

Location: City of Charm subway