Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rembrandt with an iPad?

Dear Diary:

I posted about Mathilde Vhargon, an exceptional digital artist in my second world last week, only to discover an article in a magazine about David Hockney, the first major art world figure to have a show featuring iPhone and iPad made pictures. 
Using the Brushes application on the iPad, Hockney taught himself how to create digital drawings.  He hasn't sold any of these drawings but has had several exhibitions, one being featured at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto this fall.  There are a lot of critics who call digital paintings, "computer art" but Hockney states that the iPad can't teach you how to draw.  Hockney thinks that if Rembrandt were alive today, he would be using the iPad, since Rembrandt completed his paintings quickly and the iPad provides this.

I found this article interesting since we have some excellent digital artists in our world.  Perhaps they're paving the way for real life artists.

Good Night for now.

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