Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thinking about friendship

Dear Diary:

A few weeks back I lost a friend.  And when I say lost, I mean lost - forever.  She did not disappear.  She did not evolve into a new identity.  She died.  When I received the notecard telling me of her passing, I felt cold.  I felt shock.  I felt numb.  I sat with my fingers on the keyboard with thoughts racing through my brain.  What exactly was I feeling?

I never knew her true name.  But when seeing her name pop up on my friends' list, I knew her.  I knew little of her background and yet I knew the life she shared with her partner on a beautiful island in a rambling house.  I never heard her voice but I could sense the laughter and friendliness when we were together.  So what did I know?

I knew her profession, one of caring and consideration, that definitely passed on to our other world.  She always asked how I was, and what was new in my life.  She was a great listener and was willing to take the time to hear my rantings and ravings and always had a positive spin on the situation that made me look at things in a different way.

I knew the state she lived in and although we didn't share the same country, views on politics or thoughts on international affairs, we did share much the same weather!  And we both could commiserate about that!

I knew she had children.  They were grown-up but she was very proud of them and often mentioned about the accomplishments of each.

I knew she was very ill.

Yes, I didn't know a lot about her, but I considered her my friend...a good friend.  I will miss seeing her name in bold, miss the conversations and miss her friendship.

How can you doubt the reality of this world?

Good Night for now.

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Jacket: The Secret Store Mrs. Jones' Jacket (carbon)
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