Saturday, November 20, 2010

♫♩♩ ♫ Leaving on a Jet Plane ♫♩♩♫

Dear Diary:

By the time you read this, I will be out of the country.  I'm leaving to go to the States for a visit and to celebrate American Thanksgiving.  Mmmmm...can smell the turkey cooking as I'm writing this.

I got to the airport early.  It's always a good idea when you know there's going to be lines of people all waiting to board a flight to somewhere.  I only took two suitcases this year.  One is packed full and the other almost empty.  Well, after all, you need room for all the great bargains that I'm going to buy.
I struggled to get the bags into the airport and hurried to have the big one checked through.  I was worried the other wouldn't fit the measurements for the carry-on but it did.  Whew!  I was happy about that.  Finally I had a chance to relax.
The man next to me was kind enough to move his bag but didn't seem really talkative.  That's OK by me.  Sometimes I just like to people watch.  Soon it was time for boarding anyway and time to go through security.

My passport was ready.
And I was ready for the pat down!

It didn't take long at all and before you knew it, I was on the plane ready for take-off.

So here I am.  All ready for the turkey dinner, shopping on Black Friday and enjoying the holiday with family.

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all my American friends.  I hope the day is full of fun and food.  See ya in the mall!

Dear Diary, you won't hear from me for a week since I'll be away from you for that length of time.  But don't worry.  I'll have lots of things to tell you when I get home.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Ava (light)
Eyes: Miriel Hazel (no longer available)
Eyelashes: Glow Studio Innocent
Hair: !TM Hair Styles Capture (midnight)

Dress and coat: Riddle Winter Blues (green & white)
Boots: Slink Marina boots (tan)

Earrings: Aglaia Heart of Gold earrings

Red suitcases: Agencia de Viagens
Blue suitcase: Magitake suitcase